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As a rule, when I come home for lunch, I typically fix something to eat and plop myself in front of the computer to either work on my writing, add a post to my blog, play a little Words With Friends, troll around Facebook or catch up on emails.  This is after a  morning at my “day” job where I am planted at my desk composing emails, updating spreadsheets, uploading content to our websites, etc.  A couple of days last week when I came home at lunchtime, instead of making a beeline for my office, I either pulled out my book (not a Kindle or a Nook but the paper and ink kind) and ate while I read, or enjoyed face-to-face conversation with my daughter.  And when it was time to return to work afterward, I felt more refreshed, as if I had a real break.  Which makes me realize I need to schedule appointments with these self-imposed timeouts from technology on a regular basis.  As one of my friends recently told me, keep it simple.  I like that.

Does technology constantly keep you on your toes, or do you occasionally take time out to enjoy the simple things?