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Davy Jones and The Monkees were a big part of my ‘tween years.  Yesterday, the heartthrob of many young girls (including me) passed away at the age of 66.  Much loved TV shows from the ’70s and ’80s are either distant recollections or in syndication on a remote channel, while contemporary sitcoms easily slide into the new “favorites” category.  The year my daughter was born, Minnesota’s Mall of America, boasting its indoor theme park named Camp Snoopy, celebrated its grand opening.  After several years, the park transformed into Nickelodeon, with some rides the same and a few new, but with a different premise.  My old neighborhood theater still shows films for a dollar, but in place of the kitty-corner drug store, a wine bar and café — definitely an improvement in my opinion — welcomes an eclectic group of patrons.  Our pasts and our presents are intertwined so much so, that for me it’s hard to say goodbye to meaningful icons or landmarks … it’s as if I’m closing the door to a piece of my heritage.  But thankfully, the memories remain.  And new ones are continually filling in the gaps.

What people or places help define your journey?