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I’ve often wondered when and where the great thinkers get their best ideas.  Perhaps while strolling through the surf, the sand warm and the water icy cold between their toes, or maybe pedaling in spin class, the beat of bass and beads of sweat coalescing in their ears.  Or possibly inspiration strikes while hiking up the side of a mountain with a group of friends, the sounds of nature interrupted only by labored breaths and shifting rock.  Or it may take an injury to force them to sit still long enough to dig into that place normally reserved for a rare piece of spare time carved out of a day or months filled with never-ending commitments.  Personally, I believe it can be anywhere or any time when a solution presents itself to a dilemma (i.e., story idea, life-altering decision, etc.).  It just requires an open mind and a willing heart to hear the answers.

Where do you conduct your most insightful thinking?