[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Last week I read a list of common grammar pet peeves circulating over the Internet and I shared the link on my Facebook timeline.  One of the irritations in question highlighted the use of its and it’s.  Although grammar has never been my strong suit (just ask my peers in my ASU writing workshops), the incorrect usage of the apostrophe in this instance irks me.  An easy way to remember the appropriate use of it’s is that an apostrophe shortens two words into one.  For example, don’t replaces do not and wasn’t for was not.  This same rule holds true when we use the word it’sit is simply an abbreviated version of the two words in question.  Its, on the other hand, tells the reader it belongs to someone or something.  Its lack of an apostrophe indicates possession.  Whose lack?  Its.  It’s not as hard as it looks.  Is it? 

What is the most aggravating grammar faux pas in your book?