[Image credit: Bill Longshaw]

The other day I was talking to a friend at work and jokingly warned her that when she was my age (in another 11 years), she still probably wouldn’t have it all together.  Good! she said.  Her response led me to thinking that if a “magical” age did exist when we’d finally “arrived” — in terms of financial and spiritual abundance, optimum health and fitness and career satisfaction — what more would there be to strive toward?  Truth be told, I kind of like this raw, unfinished lump of clay I have to work with.  As painful as it is sometimes, my life’s experiences (whether good or bad) mold and refine me.  And perhaps one day all the cracks will be filled in and the rough edges smoothed out.  Until then, I plan to keep adding to and subtracting from this work in progress for as long as I’m able to and watch the masterpiece of my life unfold.

Are you at a place in your life where you’ve got it all together, or are you a work in progress?