[Image credit: Michelle Meiklejohn]

The time preceding my mini-vacation required me to meet deadlines, add to my cold-weather wardrobe and solidify plans with family and friends. But now, more than a week since I’ve been back from my getaway, the days seem to drag, as well as loom endlessly in front of me. Although I still possess my list of goals to work on, as well as a job I enjoy showing up at each day, writing commitments, fitness objectives, routine chores and a family to care for, I feel like I’m missing more than my motivation.  So I figure there’s no better time to dig down deep and allow the memories I brought home with me — and the anticipation of next time — to pull me out of my funk and propel me one day closer to my dreams coming true.  Easier said than done, but a pity party for one is just no fun.

What does it take for you to recover from a funk?