Two heads are better than one

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A well-known proverb states two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor.  I’ve found this is oftentimes true, especially when I need to bounce an idea or a challenge off someone else.  Particularly when it’s hard to be objective about a situation we’re involved in personally.  Perhaps it’s an email you’re preparing to send to a client covering increased ad rates.  Or maybe it’s something as simple as a choice about which pair of jeans is more flattering than the other.  You may be considering a career move or another life-changing decision.  Even something as straightforward as posting a daily blog may require a second set of eyes to catch grammatical or punctuation errors (thanks, Big Sister!).  Personally, I don’t think we’re meant to figure it all out on our own, and that’s why we’ve chosen people in our lives who we trust with our hearts — including those we don’t pick but who we can still count on, like family.  And even though we’re ultimately responsible for our own choices, hopefully the feedback we receive will give us a bit more confidence in the long run.

Do you prefer to go it alone or to seek counsel when in a pinch?

Moment by moment

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This moment contains all moments. ~ C.S. Lewis

Each moment is a place you’ve never been.  ~ Mark Strand

If this moment (the one right here, right now) contains all moments as C.S. Lewis purports, and if each of these moments is a place we’ve never traveled/explored/basked in according to Mark Strand, then it stands to reason that every one of these instances should be lived to the fullest — a blip in time we will never see again.  Experiences like our first car, our wedding day, the birth of a child, our name in print, a smothering hug hello.  This isn’t to say there aren’t moments we’d rather forfeit — sickness, suffering or each lingering goodbye — but I believe even those situations can be looked at as opportunities to equip ourselves for the moment that comes next, and the one after that.  And maybe if we take copious notes during the journey, as well as avoid blinking or sleeping away what could possibly be the single most important snapshot in time, when Someday finally arrives we’ll look back and realize it all made perfect sense.


Do you live life moment-by-moment, or are you always looking ahead?