[Image credit: bulldogza]

For some time now I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to live life with one foot planted firmly in reality and the other bound in fantasy — essentially enjoying the comfort of the known, while previewing a little of what we expect (or hope) to come.  The future is unknown, of course.  At best, we can offer up a guarded, yet accurate guess because it’s what we’ve set our minds on for years, maybe even a lifetime: those dreams which fuel our passions and fill the empty places deep within our hearts.  If it is possible (to have our cake and eat it, too), I believe it will call for us to step outside of our comfort zones, realizing we cannot be true to ourselves if we deny what makes us tick.  Which happens to fall under two of my goals for 2012: #10) take chances and #14) step outside my comfort zone.  Now I just need to give myself permission to live it.

Do you think it’s possible to have your cake and eat it, too?