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This week I’m traveling to a colder climate.  Since I’ve lived in the desert for the past 12 years, my closet contains very little cold-weather wear so I’ve spent the past couple of weeks shopping.  It’s odd to be trying on winter coats hanging on the clearance rack directly adjacent to the new swimwear fashions and across the aisle from the Valentine’s display.  Less than a month ago we began the second-hand countdown to the new year.  At work one of our publications just went to press and we’re already collecting material for another issue.  Taxes are due in less than three months.  I just celebrated another birthday in December.  My next oil change is due in three months or 3,000 miles.  So many ways to measure time slipping away.  And it seems everyone is in a hurry to bypass the remainder of winter, the new growth of spring and run right into summer.  I’ve even started talking about my next trip.  What about today?  Once in a while I think it would be nice to take the advice of the popular cliché and stop to smell the roses.  Live in the now.   Because at the end of the day, it’s really all we can do.

Are you the hurry-up-what’s-next kind of person, or are you the type who lives in the moment?