A couple of weeks ago my friend texted me and asked how my hair appointment went.  Oh fine, I said.  Same old same old.  She texted back: LOL we’re creatures of habit.  It is definitely true in my case.  Every morning I prepare a large green tea with honey, each evening I sip on a vanilla chai with a splash of skim milk and sweetener.  I’m at the gym by 5:45 A.M. five days a week, I typically wear my hair straight, wash the towels on Sundays and shoot for sitting down to dinner by 6:00 P.M.  I like routine.  It helps to keep me grounded when so many other things are out of my control … as long as I don’t find myself stuck in a rut.  A couple days ago, I re-visited my stylist for a “touch-up.”  The length stayed the same (old same old) but I did have the layers shaped just enough that my daughter told me it looked better (and it felt better, too).  At breakfast with a girlfriend the next day, instead of the yogurt parfait I normally order, I selected a strawberry smoothie with ginseng.  After all, a little mystery doesn’t hurt now and again.

[Image credit: Master insolated images]

Do you prefer the status quo, or do you like to shake things up?