Another one of my goals for the new year includes taking deliberate chances, or risks.  Perhaps there’s something to be learned — an opportunity for personal growth.  Or maybe it’s a stronghold to overcome.  Oftentimes, I believe we need to keep our eyes open so the chances, big or small, don’t pass us by because we’re too busy or preoccupied to notice them.  Like last weekend, for instance.  Although I enjoy shopping by myself, when I picked up my daughter from work I decided to throw out an impromptu invitation to spend the afternoon together.  Because she had “nothing better to do,” she agreed to join me for lunch and shopping.  Later on, in not so many words she told me she had fun.  If either one of us hadn’t risked our alone time, we would have missed out on an opportunity to strengthen our bond.  It’s also important to remember that some chances only come around once in a lifetime.

What chance have you put off taking?