“Adventure is worthwhile.” Amelia Earhart

I enjoy a good adventure flick, especially when it means living vicariously through the stunning female protagonist paired up with a favorite Hollywood hunk.  But in real life, adventure for me typically boils down to getting rid of roof rats in my attic or trying to coordinate carpool pick-ups and drop-offs.  Be still my heart.  I think maybe that’s why one of my goals for 2012 is to travel more – something worthwhile or meaningful to look forward to – a journey to anticipate with planning and preparation.  It could be a trip to the Midwest to visit family and friends, or simply a drive up north to enjoy a change of flora and fauna.  Or perhaps I’ll sit and contemplate life’s mysteries and my dreams of Someday in my own backyard and discover an adventure in the making.

What quest is on your list of dreams for 2012?