Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new. ~ Sammy Hagar

I love that my birthday (today) is so close to the New Year.  Every chapter I’m allowed to write for another chronological year of my life parallels a brand new calendar year of possibilities.  And I’m dreaming up some big ones, too.

Many of the hopes I’m banking on in 2012 are out of my control, however.  It’s like when you’re little and you long for a pony … or a puppy … or a baby brother.  In these instances, your dream will only come true with someone else’s involvement.  This is where a back-up plan may come in handy.  For example, if you can’t bring a puppy home, maybe you can volunteer at a local shelter.

By ensuring I have a back-up plan or two in place, I’m confident many of my wishes will come true by this time next year.  Maybe not in the manner in which I expected as the imaginary candles flickered behind my closed lids.  But in equally rich – and sundry – flavors … kind of like the chocolate chip cheesecake I baked for my birthday. ~ cs


Always the write time to: employ one or more back-up plans.  Instead of depending on others to fulfill my dreams, I’ll map out a couple of different paths I can travel toward Someday … and happily-ever-after.