Have you ever felt as if your future is all planned out, carefully plotted, each “i” dotted?  The crossed “t’s” perfectly aligned?  You relate it often in your mind (and to anyone who will listen), adding and subtracting to the whole but never straying from the course of happily ever after.  You envision the sights awaiting you, as well as a mélange of heady scents — passion and fruity wine coalescing in a pool of salty bubbles.  A platter of sweet and sour, nestled in the center of steamed rice piled high, stands ready for the assault of chopsticks while you’re suddenly too busy soaking in the newness of your fantasy made flesh.

But somewhere along the way between now and then, someone enters the act and attempts to change your fairytale.  Or maybe they were there all along.  With a heavy hand, they begin to erase whole paragraphs, tearing at the paper with a rubber-tipped pencil.  Rewriting scenes until Someday is no longer recognizable in your eyes.  Cloudy around the edges, it lacks a certain substance and shade, a script not your own but still, a character you play on its pages.  Clawing at the ruled margins, you’re desperate to find your way back to the passion-filled future at the end of the final scene.  Because now the lines feel more like a prison, trapping you into a story that looks all too familiar.  A parody of the real thing.

Although play the part you must, going through the motions like the good little thespian you are, because you’re called to finish performing the original manuscript penned before time.  Resigned, you pack up your aspirations for tomorrow and tuck them away for safekeeping.  So when you can’t bear another minute of pretense, you can remind yourself of the ending you almost got to write.  A sigh on your lips, knowing the real tale may never be told.

But wait!  Before you gather up your last dream, you suddenly realize it’s still your story to tell.  A detour between reality and whimsy — your very own Someday over the rainbow.  Out each one comes again, starched and pressed and dressed in their finery.  And all because of pinky promises made … once upon a time. ~ cs

Always the write time to: believe in fairytales; this is one of the secrets to the fountain of youth.  Tip: Some things defy logic, so don’t listen to the naysayers.