Change has been my life’s overriding theme this year.  Some of it has been good, like the change in my daily scenery when I started a new job outside the home, or when my writing went from unpublished to print in a couple of online venues.  Another change – moving across town – has come with its challenges, but also in less wear and tear on the vehicles and the formation of new relationships.

For 2012, I’m contemplating another change.  Although I’m a firm believer in the old adage if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I also don’t want to get stuck in a rut.  So I’m looking at turning Always the Write Time into a daily blog postSomething along the lines of journaling.  More rambling, if you will.  And less refining.  I’m hoping it will help me be better disciplined if I have a self-imposed deadline each day.  So humor me if you will.

Sneak Preview

New Year’s Resolutions (to date):

  1. Continue sprint triathlon training (goal: 2015)
  2. Write a book from start to finish
  3. Find a home church
  4. Travel (more!)
  5. Get published in a second literary journal
  6. Learn how to dance
  7. Add to my list of dreams
  8. Decorate my home
  9. Plant a cactus
  10. Take chances
  11. Learn something new (see #6)
  12. Break a bad habit
  13. Taste a food I’ve never eaten before
  14. Step outside my comfort zone (see #10)
  15. Perform a good deed (or two or 12) ~ cs

Always the write time to: try something new.  If it doesn’t work, move on.  If it does, then pat yourself on the back.  As for me, I’m testing out a new blog format.  What is one goal you’re contemplating for 2012?