Last month I posted on Facebook: a great day of editing at work and catching up at home…now it’s time to do my favorite thing.  I should have said one of many favorites.  Although challenging to narrow down, here are my randomly ordered top 11 from 2011.

  1. Writing.  This means anything:  my weekly beauty blog, my posts for Always the Write Time, letters and emails, essays and creative fiction.  Writing is the breathings of my heart.
  2. Reading.  Literary fiction is my favorite genre, but I enjoy all kinds.  For me, reading is to pleasure as eating is to nourishment.
  3. Exercise.  A love-hate relationship if ever there was one, exercise brings out the best and worst in me.  I am stronger because of it, yet my weakness is all the more visible.
  4. Kisses.  No explanation necessary.
  5. Laughter.  The gut-busting, mouth wide open, tears pooling, head thrown back kind where the only sound is trying to catch your breath.
  6. Family and Friends (Twofer).  I would not be who I am without this priceless macramé of personalities.  Especially the button-pushers.  And for those who share their hearts with me and who know my deepest secrets (blemishes and all) yet still love me, I couldn’t be more blessed.
  7. Shelling.  Two words:  Sanibel Island.
  8. Bailey’s and Chai.  This combination bears repeating.  Again and again.
  9. Pinky Promises.  The perfect reminder life used to be simple … and can still be that way.
  10. New Job.  Upon graduating from ASU and after 10 months of seeking employment, I’m now working in a field I’m crazy about, close to home and with people who make it a joy to show up every day.  And I get paid for it!
  11. My Shower.  Nothing washes away angst and frustration better than this soothing slice of Heaven.  Okay, maybe #’s 4, 5, 7 and 8.  ~ cs

Always the write time to be: grateful.  This is the perfect time of year to remember to say thank you … oftenHappy Thanksgiving from Always the Write Time to you and yours.