It seems by the time I’ve posted one blog, another week is over and it’s that time, again.  In seven days it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner and the New Year follows close behind.  Why is it, then, my future hopes and dreams seem further out than ever before?  Close enough to touch at times, yet obscured by today’s reality.

Lately, more often than not, I walk around in a haze of wishes.  But slowly, the various pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together in their own time, and I realize every detail of my life is taking place at just the right speed for me.  Because if my dreams were realized any faster — much like the days and months fly by — I may not be prepared for them to come true.  Conversely, if they dragged out interminably before blooming into fruition, I may lose my patience or my desire to keep moving forward.  Instead, each fantasy steadily unfurls while I bask in the beauty and wonder of my hard work, a healthy dose of sweat and tears and a cup or two of Bailey’s and chai along the way.

So it only seems appropriate with our annual day of thanks a mere week out, that I embrace the path in which I traveled to get here.  After all, I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I chosen a different route.  And as I look ahead to garner a glimpse of Someday beyond the fork in the road, I am reminded to put one foot in front of the other in order to arrive at just the appointed hour. ~ cs


Always the write time to: appreciate today for what it holds, including the lessons learned — sometimes pleasant, sometimes prickly, but hopefully a step in the right direction.