I think I speak for many of us when I bring up the topic of funk.  It’s like we got up on the wrong side of the bed and can’t quite put a finger on the cause of our downcast attitude.  On the outside we perform our normal daily routine.  But on the inside we feel restless, perhaps even a little sad — or lost.  It’s as if there’s a void that desperately needs filling.  Sometimes we seek solace in our dreams about Someday.  And other times we just hope this will be the morning we wake up on the right side of the bed.

In one of my posts I mentioned my frequent funks and my assumption they’re caused by 1) my lack of gainful employment, and 2) because my calling was sketchy, at best (or so I thought).  Although both are valid reasons, I believe funks can also be caused by boredom.  Or exhaustion.  Or lack of direction — not knowing what you were created for … what your passion is.  Or maybe you know what it is but logistics force you to live that part of your life in the shadows.  For now.

Thankfully, I have been funk-free for several weeks.  Maybe it’s my new job, as well as a regular paycheck for my efforts, or it could be a combination of factors.  From work and writing, to household tasks, training for a mini triathlon (scheduled for 2015), running for HOA board membership, joining a writing club or two, to several random outlets, I fight the funk by keeping busy and filling each day with things I’m passionate about.  A periodic review of my gratitude journal doesn’t hurt, either.  And the knowledge that Someday will be waiting for me when I finally arrive. ~ cs

Always the write time to: fill the empty spaces.  This week I attended scribes @ ASU — the writing club I co-founded in 2010 — and plan to get involved with another group and attend more readings, as well, in order to surround myself with a network of other lovers of the written word.