After nearly a week of full-time employment, I’m pleased to announce that the adjustment hasn’t been too traumatic.  I’ve rearranged my rise-and-shine time, as well as my gym time, chore  time, social time, cooking, writing and bedtimes.  I’ve gone with the flow (i.e., strapping on my pink tool belt to repair a leaky faucet at home and juggling a bit of transportation conflicts)  even when everything hasn’t always gone my way.  All in all, however, it’s been a relatively smooth ride.

For one thing, it’s truly refreshing to work for a boss whose main concern is delivering quality product to the consumer.  But one of the best parts for me is I don’t have to pretend I’m  someone I’m not.  Because starting with the interview, I’ve made a point to be transparent and portray the professional I am: someone who’s not too old to stop learning but too old to play games.  A team player with the ability to have fun, while at the same time manage multiple projects, placate an irate caller, sweet talk a vendor and admit when I don’t have all the answers.   Which means I simply get to do the job I was hired to do.  And continue making adjustments as necessary … starting with a larger Franklin (day planner). ~ cs


Always the write time to: be myself.  Sometimes my immaturity still bubbles out over the top, but when that happens, I simply laugh at myself,  apologize (if necessary) and move on.