At the end of this week I fulfilled my contractual commitment for one venture and completed five days at a new venture in my dream field.  But as much as I enjoyed the routine of rising each day and joining others in a mutual pursuit, after a dozen plus years of working part-time or freelance (or attending college), I need an adjustment period to this full-time gig.

Admittedly, I’ve been spoiled.  I’ve traveled across country and met friends for breakfast or mid-afternoon yogurt runs, slept in and indulged in naps.  I’ve spent the summers doing my own thing, picking up and going on a moment’s notice.   I’ve planned my days, filling them with chores and errands and appointments.  But now eight hours of my day are no longer my own, and I  still have to figure out how I’m going to keep up with the household tasks, provide timely meals for my family, hit the gym six days a week, pursue my various writing endeavors and whatever else a good portion of the population manages to successfully accomplish Monday through Friday.

Growing pains.  It happens when we’re kids and our muscles and joints ache.  It happens at the gym week after week as I get stronger and fitter.  It happens when we need to learn  something new and we think there’s no way we can possibly absorb any more information.  And it happens when we stretch ourselves, sacrificing our comfort zone in order to grasp the prize  we’ve set our hearts on.   Or if we’re completely honest, perhaps the sacrifice is really in the wait — when we grin and bear it even when it aches — because we know what is ahead for us on the other side of the fence. ~ cs


Always the write time to:  make adjustments.  This coming week I plan to keep my outside-of-work schedule pretty loose, so I can play around with timing and hopefully make the  transition from part-time to full-time employment a little smoother.