This past week I experienced one of those “ouch” moments.  During not one, but two online chats, constructive criticism from dear friends forced me to take a hard look at myself and I did not like what I saw.  Instead of counting the blessings in my life, I’d gotten in the ugly habit of focusing on what I’m missing (or imagined I was).

I have not always been that way.  Over a half-dozen years ago, my family experienced a traumatic, life-changing event.  I never once asked “why me?” or “why us?”  We just did what we had to do, leaning on our faith, friendships and a whole lot of laughter (no pity parties permitted).  I want to get back to that place,  because trying to orchestrate my life the way I want it to go has only lent itself to frustration along the lines of the best laid plans…

As I’ve written countless times, I simply need to stop fighting it and allow life to unfold in front of me, exercising faith over feelings.  It’s time to stop wishing for something better and focusing on a future that may not  even be a glimmer in the grand scheme of things (although dreams are still allowed).  Rather, I need to find that place in the present where I am daily reminded of my worth, where the pockets of self-doubt are emptied and the longings of my heart are satisfied.  And where the glass is always half full.  ~ cs

Always the write time to: be grateful.  Thanks to a recent suggestion from one of my Facebook friends (you know who you are) after I sent out an invitation to my pity party (which I ended up canceling), I created a “gratitude journal” because I truly have so much to be thankful for.