Ever analyze something until you’ve practically beaten it to death?  Lately I find myself making mountains out of mole hills and attempting to read between the lines.  Just because.  Perhaps it begins when we’re toddlers and every statement made by
someone taller than we are produces the ever predictable Why?

Insecurities, aside (because I think that’s where the crux of the issue lies), it’s not a bad idea to evaluate certain circumstances.  You wouldn’t want to enter into a business transaction or a serious relationship with your eyes closed and a clear view of the big  picture obscured.  But I think the concept of over thinking becomes counterproductive when it complicates the situation and offers no benefit.  For example, my adult daughter recently signed up for a new cell phone provider but, because she has no credit, her boyfriend added her to his plan.

What if you’re not together in two years? I asked her, thinking I made a logical point.  Would she lose her cell phone?  Would he stop paying the bill and get her in trouble?  Would she be stuck with an early termination fee?  She told me her boyfriend assured her even if they break up, he knows they’ll remain friends and she’ll still pay her portion of the bill.  Naïve, maybe, but straightforward.

This is an area I’m working on: accepting some things at face value even when they’re the exception to the rule.  Especially then.  Because it frees me up to enjoy the simpler things in life, like a cup of Oolong tea and an early morning chat between close friends. ~ cs


Always the write time to: make positive changes.  This week I signed up for personal training sessions at the gym and began considering an alternate career path.