When it rains, it pours.  Isn’t that the truth?  This is easily affirmed by the comedy of errors — or maybe more aptly referred to as the comedy of “horrors” — continuing in full swing at the home we moved into a month ago.  Before we even set foot in the house, it was bees and termites.

This week it’s rats, and not the cutesy Ratatouille variety.  Rich (my critter expert) defined our “housepests” as either pack racks or roof rats who decided to make themselves comfortable in our attic (not sure how temperatures exceeding  110 degrees can be anything but miserable, but then again, I’m not a rat).  And no sooner were the traps set (who knew the four-legged fur balls find peanut butter irresistible?) when the water softener sprung a leak — just before the bypass valve thanks to a defective gasket.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re experiencing nothing new — displaced critters finding new digs, worn out parts breaking down … life.  And of course, it never happens at an opportune time.  But instead of labeling it bad luck, I’m beginning to think I  need to embrace these  hiccups along the way because, ultimately, they form the well of experiences and emotions from which we all draw upon, not just as observers and participators in this game called life, but as story tellers.  Especially if you’re a writer.

And sometimes when you hear the next person’s story, it really does put your own in perspective. ~ cs

Always the write time to: have fun!  On Friday night my husband and I went out for frozen yogurt and a movie at the discount theater.  Larry Crowne turned out to be an entertaining movie about a middle-aged man who returns to college to better compete in the workforce … brought back a lot of memories.  Saturday we had friends over for appetizers and on Monday, a girlfriend and I went to see a movie whose main character is a writer … another relatable part.  Fun times with perhaps a bit of  affirmation thrown in.