“The roads we take are more important than the goals we announce.

Decisions determine destiny.” ~ Frederick Speakman.

The other day I ran across this quote on a Facebook friend’s Wall.  Personally, the author’s words mean it doesn’t really matter what I purpose, but how I arrive.  This concept becomes harder for me as I get older, however.  In many cases it requires risk, which oftentimes happens when we take the road less traveled.  Consequently, it simply becomes easier to remain in the status quo rather than venture into the unknown; because face it, change is scary.

But as self-absorbed and self-seeking as this may sound, I believe I have the write to happiness.  One of my  acquaintances recently left a long-term relationship where both parties had grown apart.  Another one of my friends stays in a stale marriage, knowing it “could be worse.”  An old neighbor of mine just quit his job after 20 years to co-start a business.  And a conservative couple I know who invested in a “money pit” (sound  familiar?) are now looking at a lifetime to recoup their expenses.

If I venture a guess as to who may be the happiest in either case, I think those who took a risk are living more fully in the present.  And although there may be a niggling of regret at one time or another, perhaps they won’t find themselves asking the million dollar question: “What if?”  What if I miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?  Or soul mate?  Or dream job?  Or perfect home?  Or _____?

As for me, I believe a couple of reasons I find myself fighting the funk on a regular basis are 1) I’m not a  viable contributor to my family’s income, and 2) I have yet to find my “calling.”  What if I never take a chance and life passes me by?  That’s really the million dollar question, isn’t it?  ~ cs

. . .

Always the write time to: get fit.  This past week I showed up at the gym seven days in a row —either to strength train or participate in some kind of cardio on my own, or attend one of the assorted classes offered at L.A. Fitness — and I made healthier food choices such as opting for a bowl of steamed edamame rather than a platter of nachos.  I also incorporated fitness into my recreational time by doing laps at the community pool a few nights during the week.