With all the craziness that inevitably comes with a big move, I’ve found myself longing for boredom—the kind of days that stretch endlessly into the next, where the most pressing decision I need to make is should I work on cardio or strength training this morning?  But while things do seem to be settling down a bit with the new home, and the rental property arrangements are coming together, my personal goals are another story.

According to the calendar, over half of the year has passed and, unfortunately, my dreams are still buried somewhere in one of the dozen or so boxes remaining in the garage to be unpacked.   Complaining won’t help get the job done,
however.  Nor will ignoring it or pretending I’m satisfied with where I’m at.

So I need to make room on my office shelves and take out my goals one at a time, dust them off and start working on them now rather than later.  I won’t be bored, but I hopefully won’t find myself in the same place come the end of 2011.  And it’s also a great opportunity for casting out the old and beginning anew.  ~ cs