I’ve been home from my rest and relaxation getaway for the past two days.  While still on the plane heading back to the Valley of the Sun’s “dry heat” from the Midwest’s “wet blanket,” I began writing this week’s beauty blog for InWithSkin and noting tasks for the coming week.  I felt the shroud of peace I took off with begin to lift and the cloak of reality descend.  I can’t help but wonder, then, if my vacation really made a difference in the scheme of things.

According to my agenda, I was to revisit long-time friendships, love up on my family and laugh until I cried.  All three of these tasks were easily accomplished with aplomb.  But back in my everyday surroundings, nothing has changed.  The timelines and balls still require juggling, the ideal job is still right around the corner (although I recently signed a freelance writing contract) and there’s always the writing I should be doing.

Perhaps what did change, however, was me.  By temporarily stepping away from life as I know it into one filled with stolen moments spent with loved ones, secrets whispered during the wee hours, the taste of blueberries and vanilla chai on my tongue, skinned knees, fogged up windows and collective memories recounted, how can I not be altered in some small way?  But then the question still remains: was it enough to rev up my passion for the tasks ahead of me and regain an enthusiasm for my own reality?  Only time will tell. ~ cs