Last week my get up and go simply got up and went.  Since then, it comes and it goes.  If I were a betting person, I’d say my gumption needs a swift kick in the rear — especially with  everything currently stacked on my plate (how’s that for cramming a slew of clichés in one paragraph?).

Several months ago I wrote about taking time out to rejuvenate the creative juices in The Write Remedy.  And then in February I embarked on my own eat, pray, love adventure of sorts in order to find myself (which I’m still working on, incidentally).

Well, it’s that time again!  With all the timelines and balls I’ve been juggling,  I am in serious need of another rest and relaxation getaway in order to rev up my passion for the tasks ahead of me — the continued issues involving the remodel and subsequent move, the countless details surrounding my family’s business venture, my continued search for the ideal job…and writing.  Always the writing.

My agenda to regain my enthusiasm is easy, however, and contains just three simple steps in no particular order: 1) revisit long-time friendships, 2) love up on my family and 3) laugh until I cry.  I can hardly wait. ~ cs