I learned something new yesterday: the meaning of density when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and its practices.  At the end of an interview for a website copywriter position, I was required to write a 250 word (minimum) article on a specific topic.  While catering to the intended audience using a professional and conversational tone and following branding guidelines, I also needed to include several key words pertaining to the company — at the same time remaining within the 3-7% density for key words and/or phrase usage.

This exercise taught me that writing may require more than appealing to the intended audience, alone.  There may also be secondary—or overlapping criteria—that must be met by the writer to hook their readers.  In the case of the website copy, and also true for the writing I do for Suite101.com, search engine optimization means a better chance for Google to pick up the work on its radar.  In some cases, the more readers the hits bring in, the more times ads will be clicked on which means increased revenue for you or your company.

Even something as simple as a blog like mine should take SEO into consideration if I desire readers to navigate to my page.  For example, if my intended audience includes authors like me who struggle to do what they love in the midst of the daily distractions, confusion and frustrations, then my captions and paragraphs should shout out words or phrases that fellow writers may enter in their search boxes.

Where am I going with this?  Just a reminder to avoid limiting our audience and to understand that SEO may be a term coined for a broader definition: Seeking Every One.  Everyone you wish to reach with your message, that is. ~ cs