Bear with me as I toot my own horn a bit this week.  I’m thrilled to share a few of my clips from InWithSkin’s online and print magazine where I interned for the past three months.  My contributions to the May/June “beach ready” issue include a blurb for We Love (page 19), a section in the beauty and lifestyle publication in which beauty editors share a few of his or her favorite things. 

Also featured is an article of mine entitled Eat Your Way to Staying Hydrated (pages 60-62; 65), which shares tips on foods to eat to ensure you’re consuming enough H2O as temperatures continue to soar.  On pages 40-41, read about Global Beauty and discover symbols of beauty in other cultures.  Finally, on pages 43-45, learn what to do about Spider Veins to prepare for short-short weather.

Happy reading.  ~ cs