Last month I felt a bit discouraged about my writing for InWithSkin magazine to the point of questioning my career choice.  Oh, my managing editor is nothing but encouraging; however, each week the drafts returned to me seemed filled with more and more editorial commentary.  I mentioned my concerns to her and she admitted she expects a lot from me—because “you are a writer.”  Okay, that’s fair, and I do desire to improve upon the art.  She then presented me with a challenge: post the blog I had been working on for the past week, and then write one spur-of-the-moment the day I normally post. Although I am a work-ahead-store-up-an-arsenal-of-material writer, after a momentary niggle (or more) of performance anxiety, I agreed to the test.  

Thursday morning rolled around and as soon as I arrived at the office, I set to work on my blog.  Two hours later (including a few breaks to stretch), I turned in my draft and not only did my editor return it soon after, but it contained minimal suggestions.  I think I will eventually frame the draft…not because it is my best piece of work, but because of the encouragement penned at the bottom of the page—beginning with “Excellent!” and ending with “Kudos!” 

Apparently, writing “under pressure” is my strong suit, at least when it comes to blogs (check out my Links page!).  Or maybe it’s more about shaking things up a bit—like performing a common routine out-of-order, taking a different route to work or learning how to Tango after 22 years of dancing the Waltz.  Perhaps this is one secret to climbing out of self-imposed ruts or keeping things fresh, in writing and in life…doing something different, whatever it may be.  If that’s the case, I think I may be on to something. ~ cs