In many locations of the country, spring is in the air.  Some cities, like Minneapolis, can’t quite commit but, for the most part, budding leaves, blooming cacti and warmer temperatures signal the advent of the new season.  On a personal note, I’m also recognizing the seasons in my own life.

Middle-age.  Although it’s been steadily approaching for years, it hit me like a slap in the face when I began my internship at InWithSkin this past January.  As the more “seasoned” beauty editor (in age, not experience), I do bring a different perspective to the blogs and articles I write, relating (I hope) to the more mature audience.

College Graduate.  It was exciting and surreal to finally receive my diploma from ASU in the mail after graduating with my B.A. last December.  But with 26 years of office management and administrative experience behind me, it has been a scary prospect beginning a new career path where I’m competing with 20-somethings for the ideal job. 

Empty Nester.  My 18- going on 30-year old daughter is ready to fly the coop—at least in her mind’s eye.  It’s a time for me to figure out what this new season will look like where my life no longer revolves around school activities and the everyday drama surrounding young girls … and to discover what truly makes me happy.

Dreams Deferred.  I don’t know if this can be considered a real season or not, but I’m learning that some of my dreams must be put on the back burner in order for reality to take precedence.  I think this has been the most challenging place for me to be (even beyond the wrinkles), and in some ways the most painful.  I am not a patient person (big surprise to some of you), and to place my passions in limbo is like asking me to hold my breath.  But while sitting at Starbucks yesterday morning before heading over to my internship where only three weeks remain, I was encouraged by a fellow patron.  Something good is out there, he said.

Indeed. ~ cs