Remembering the words “Get it done” spoken by ASU President Michael Crow at my undergraduate commencement ceremony in December, I realize I’ve put it off long enough.  Oh, don’t get me wrong …I’ve been taking stock of each month as it blows past me, plus attempting to simplify, minimize distractions and prioritize.  And three months into the new year finds me working at my dream job (albeit as an unpaid intern, currently), supplementing my income through transcription and substitute teaching (any day now), still hitting the gym six days a week (give or take a day), and daily searching for answers to life’s questions (something my recent eat, pray and love journey taught me will be a lifelong venture so I may as well enjoy the process).  What it is time to get done is purposing to write it down—the story in my heart and on my mind, the fingers of an idea that persistently tap their way around the gray matter.  Like my blog’s title, I am reminded that it’s always the write time … so what am I waiting for? 

Like some couples who wait to have children until they’re “ready,” if I’m waiting for the ideal circumstances before I’m ready to sit down and start writing the story only I can tell, then I will eternally chase that dream, always one step behind (and a dollar short).  I will repeatedly congratulate my author friends on their successes, secretly wishing it was me.  But if I believe that it’s always the write time, then that time is now. 

As many of you know, Franklin is one of my closest friends, as in Franklin day planner.  At the top of my task list for today and tomorrow—and arrowed forward indefinitely—is now scrawled the word write.  No more excuses, no more somedays and most importantly, no more buts.  ~ cs