Last week I talked about how the concept of “less is more” in my writing — and so many other areas of life—and how it came up during my first three weeks of interning at In With Skin.  Another concept I have learned on the job, and in a few of my writing courses at ASU, is the importance of titles that pop.  With each blog draft I turn in to my managing editor for approval, she challenges me to try a catchier title, or to play around with it…a little bit.  After all, the title I choose provides a reader with a first impression of my work and the magazine I represent.

I believe this advice is relevant for anyone with something important to communicate, especially when we are inundated daily with mass media.  Admittedly, I press delete if the subject line of an e-mail does not grab my attention and lure me in within the first 10 seconds.  And although judging a book by its cover is not recommended, I am often drawn to one over another simply based on title.  Stretching this concept into life and the less is more philosophy, I am reminded that whether I’m writing an article on international beauty trends, or meeting my classroom of first graders for the first time, first impressions make a difference.  ~ cs