(Thanks, W.A.)

Today ends my third week interning for InWithSkin as a Beauty Editor.  I am having the time of my life—writing weekly blogs, researching and writing for the upcoming May/June issue, and simply being surrounded by lovers of all things publishing-related.  I also believe in the premise of the magazine: it’s not just a beauty magazine; it’s a look at beauty from the inside-out through healthy choices.  Further, as I have maintained since returning to ASU as a non-traditional student in January of ‘09, it’s always the write time to learn something new—and each day I’ve been on the job is no exception. 

For example, every week I write and submit my blogs to the magazine’s managing editor for approval prior to posting.  She returns each piece with constructive editorial comments inserted.  My favorite: …make more concise.  This advice is certainly not new, but a good reminder that less is more, and not just in my writing.  To me it means many of the things I’ve been blogging about: simplifying, minimizing distractions, prioritizing, and choosing the write words to effectively communicate.  With our busy lives, it only makes sense.  And perhaps if this attitude—less is more—becomes a daily habit, I will be all the richer for the simple things in life.  ~ cs