Although the only deadline for posting on my blog is self-imposed, I feel the pressure of coming up with something to write four days “late.”  It seems that with the craziness of my new schedule over the past couple weeks, I still haven’t gotten simplifying down to a science.  A big problem for me is that I fill my days with too much to accomplish in a set number of hours without sacrificing exercise and sleep.  So on any given day, I expect to commute for an hour and a half round trip, arrive at my internship two hours early (carpooling), work 6 hours, type another 4 hours, hit the gym, prepare a nutritious meal, wash laundry, feed and water the cats and empty their litter boxes, clean up the kitchen, get my hair cut, call the doctor’s office, pay a bill, spend time in prayer—and then still come up with something to write about. 

But frankly, I’m tapped out by the end of each day, so I fix a cup of Chai tea with a splash of milk and honey and play around on Facebook for a while, catch up on some e-mails, then crawl into bed, only to start all over again 5 hours later and naively think that today I will have the extra time to scrub the toilets, clean out the microwave, and write something life-changing.  As hard as I try to simplify, life happens and the cat suddenly needs to see the vet or I have an emergency doctor appointment.  This is when multitasking comes in handy.

When I’m waiting for my dinner to finish cooking, I empty the dishwasher.  When I’m taking the rare time to watch a TV show, I give myself a manicure.  When I’m in between appointments, I make a few phone calls.  I still don’t accomplish everything in my planner, but when I multitask, it’s easier to make my deadlines.  Which reminds me, this coming week when I’m at the dentist getting a new crown, I’ll start thinking about my next blog.  ~ cs