I’m done.  Yesterday I received official recommendation for my Bachelor of Arts degree, and tonight I “walk.”  Now I’m supposedly equipped with the write stuff to go out there and “get it done,” according to Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University in his commencement speech to the graduating class of 2010.  Friends who know me are aware that I am a Franklin Covey freak.  (One friend even accused me of treating Franklin like an idol).  I schedule everything from dusting my family room, to washing a load of laundry, to attending my graduation ceremony.  So once the holidays are a distant memory, I’m going to sit down with Franklin and we’re going to come up with a plan of attack for the new year to “get it done.”

First, I will prioritize my tasks from most important to least important; i.e., #1 get a job; #10 wash my floors.  Second, I need to list the steps required in order to accomplish said tasks.  For example, in order to get a job, I must plan regular time to “job hunt,” customize cover letters and resumes, and keep track of applications sent and responses received.  Third, to keep myself plugged into the craft, I should devour as much reading material as possible, as well as develop the habit of writing every day—even if it’s simply an image or impression I take note of in passing.  Fourth, I want to be open to opportunities that may take me out of my comfort zone.  This can mean taking a chance on certain employment opportunities, or simply writing in a completely different genre.  And finally, somewhere in there it’s essential I plan another trip to recharge my creative juices.   

But before I can even begin to “get it done,” first thing’s first: I need to schedule that date with Franklin write away. ~ cs