…that is the question.  And why? 

It used to be that writers were the ones who started blogs in order to snag a job; however, I recently received an e-mail from an online career guide whose main theme revolved around blogging your way to the perfect job, no matter your career aspirations.  For me, I began a blog for multiple reasons. 

First, I wanted to chronicle my experiences as a non-traditional college student reinventing my identity.  Second, I thought it was a great way to receive exposure for my writing in a public forum.  And third, I felt it was an important discipline to practice meeting a regular (albeit self-imposed) deadline by maintaining the blog posts—illustrating to a future employer that I possess dedication to the task. 

Further, my blog confirms my qualifications by providing real-life examples of my writing, as well as a wonderful way to back up my resume by demonstrating that I am able to effectively communicate, and that I’m technical-minded.  Finally, I also have an opportunity to learn a little about SEO in the process. 

And if for no other reason, for me it’s the write approach to self-publishing my ramblings and rhetoric for free. ~ cs