“Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.” ~Deborah Chaskin 

With 9 weeks remaining before semester end, and another week before I graduate, I feel a charge in the atmosphere around me.  My final five classes have taken on greater meaning, stretching my muse and crafting it into something I can only hope becomes workable in the end.  And yet, there are still so many preparations to make.

In addition, within the past few weeks I have spent hours preparing resumes and cover letters, as well as sample writing which I’ve begun sending to prospective employers and internships.  I’ve attended a workshop on successful interviewing, and this week I will attend one on dressing for success.  I wonder if I feel like a caterpillar must, as it readies for its transformation.  I do know that my wings are eager to spread as I prepare to enter a new and exciting career.  And suddenly, the world looks a lot bigger. ~ cs