Earlier this week I attended a writing workshop sponsored by scribes @ ASU.  The purpose of scribes is to further the social, cultural, and academic interests of the students enrolled in a literature-based degree program at Arizona State University.  Typically, our club spends up to the first 1 1/2 hours workshopping peer work submitted for review.  The remaining time we discuss publishing opportunities, brainstorm ideas, and participate in writing exercises.  Although I am somewhat biased as co-founder and managing director, I strongly believe in the purpose and benefits of writing workshops.

Personally speaking, I am able to practice critically reading and analyzing a variety of genres and styles, as well as cultivate an open-mind and an appreciation for constructive suggestions pertaining to my own work.  Additionally, I enjoy the opportunity to stretch outside the box of my comfort level to explore a new perspective or point-of-view.  Most importantly, for me there’s nothing like collaborating with others who share a similar calling to write.  That, alone, makes a believer out of me.  ~ cs