I’m a writer.  But during the past week, I’ve done a poor job at successfully communicating to my intended audience.  In one instance, I pushed a good friend away through an unplanned inference in an e-mail.  In another situation, something so clear in my mind at the time of the writing was misunderstood by at least ten of my peers during workshopping.  How does this breakdown in communication happen?

I’ve come to a partial conclusion that perhaps I try too hard to be clever or poetic instead of telling it like it is—direct and without flourish.  Oh, imagery is important—as well as succinct dialogue, colorful descriptions, and good narrative flow—but if the reader is unable to understand my intent, these elements will remain flat.

One peer of mine also talks about writing organically.  She chooses to forfeit the process of analyzing her work until after she gets her thoughts down on paper.  When she writes this way, I believe her voice is stronger and infused with more energy.  But perhaps most importantly, the reader doesn’t have to work at sitting back and simply enjoying a good piece of writing. 

Now, did I make myself clear? ~ cs